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The Elemental Chronicles Series




The Water Princess has only one choice to save her kingdom. Sacrifice herself to the Elemental Gods and allow four powerful Elements to claim her as theirs.
Book 1

Earth, Wind, and Water come and rescue Celine, but the curse she still holds until she fulfills her side of the sacrifice. The ogres are out for her blood, and the largest and smartest of them all is right on their heels, stocking them with every step.
Book 2
Brown, the ogre steals Celine from the other Elements but he is not what he appears. On crossing the borders, Brown turns into a man and no other than the Fire Prince. He has taken her from the other Elements. The journey they take leads Celine to discover she needs the Fire Prince just as she needs the others and to fight fire.
Book 3
As Celine connects all the elements, Brier, her Water Element, refuses her. Heartbroken she must find another to take his place. Jacob joins them as they return to Clearwater Kingdom. As Celine takes back her throne, her powers finally start to form. She turns to Jacob to teach her how to use them, and in doing so, she discovers they have more of a connection than she thought possible.
Book 4
The Fires are still burning and in the final book, Celine and her Elements will travel to the Fire Realm to put them out. The Fire Prince is ready to take his throne as well, but his father is more powerful than they all realize.

In the end, will Celine and her Elements be enough to save all the realms?

This series starts out as a slow-burn fantasy romance and as this reverse harem grows, so does the steam factor. It is a high-action, world-building, emotional, and riveting elemental romance with a little of everything. Read about lost loves returning, enemies to lovers, new romance in bloom, and even love lost along the way.

The Bleeding Souls, Wicked Warriors


The Wicked Warrior family just keeps growing and soon I will be married to it. 

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Thursday, April 01, 2021


Hello, awesome readers! I haven't stopped by for an update in a while so here we go!
*I'm almost finished with 𝑬𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒚𝒂'𝒔 𝑬𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉 𝑩𝒐𝒐𝒌 6 (title TBD) so I can send it to my editor🥳
*If you need to catch up on any other books in the Etherya's Earth series, you can find them here:
*🎧Do you love audiobooks? You can always listen to Two Souls United FREE through BookFunnel:
Can't wait to bring you more books soon! Have a great week.🥰

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Series Giveaway


This months giveaway is a complete series of signed paperbacks.

The Elemental Chronicles will also come with a stationary gift set of the up and coming release of Fifth Element.

Other small items will be included in this gift set to help set the mood while you relax and read.

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Three's a Charm


Genie is part of the Claimed by Three series and the group of authors also has a second series for you contemporary lovers called Loved by Three. You can check them both out in the new facebook group Three’s a Charm. This is a Reverse Harem Group I think you will enjoy. There is a giveaway ending soon for new members so get in on that. Also ARC’s are being offer to sign up for any of the collection of novels soon to be released. If you don’t see the post, just ask. The giveaway is posted at the top. Join Now!

ARC Signup


Hello Elementals! This week I have started to gather ARC readers for advance copies of Genie and the Shadow Kings.  This novel will release May 1, 2021, and is part of an author group series, Claimed by Three. A Reverse Harem series for all you why choose fans. Sign up now if you would like to help me get this book off and running on the right page. I need Reviews, Reviews, Reviews! Click here.

Download The Wind Mage for Free!


The Wind Mage is one of the first books I published and is one of my favorite stories. This summer, I intend to republish it with a new opening, more action, conflict, and the final pieces that will link the up and coming books for the Chosen Kings Series.
Please enjoy until then!
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