Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The talented, Sonia Nova, author interview.


Gina: Why did you become an author?
Sonia: I’ve always had a wild imagination. Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved daydreaming and imagining different endings to movies and books in my head. I also liked to come up with story ideas of my own, though I never wrote a full book before. When I read about self-publishing online, I wanted to give it a try. I wrote and published my first book in 2016.

Gina: What genre of books do you like to write?
Sonia: Sci-fi romance. I’ve always loved otherworldly stories like fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi.

Gina: What is your inspiration for the current book or series you are writing?
Sonia: I’m currently working on the fourth book in my Mate of the Beast series. The series is about beastly, genetically engineered Ezak-X aliens who were created by an evil alien race seeking world domination. The Ezak-X were saved by the Intergalactic Alliance and the series follows them as they try to adjust to life outside of captivity and find their place in the universe. My inspiration for this series was a bit of “Beauty and the Beast” in space. I wanted to tell the stories of aliens who are seen as “monsters” and who’ve never known true happiness, and give them just that: happiness, acceptance, and love.

Gina: Are you a plotter or a pantser?
Sonia: Plotter, definitely! I always have detailed chapter-by-chapter plots, though I may sometimes diverge from the plot slightly when writing. In the beginning, I didn’t have as detailed plots and I sometimes ended up having to rewrite parts of the story because I lost my direction or came up with something better. That’s why, nowadays I always really try to think out the events of the book in advance.

Gina: Do you have any quirks or habits when your writing?
Sonia: Instead of removing words when editing, I add words. The first draft is always more bare-bones and then I polish it and add more emotion, descriptions, etc. That’s why my editing phase usually takes pretty long.

Gina: What advice would you give to someone who would like to become a writer?
Sonia: Go for it! In this time of self-publishing, it doesn’t matter what your background is. Just start writing a story and see where it takes you! And if you’re like me and have many ideas but no completed stories, try to finish those stories and put them out there! You might be surprised.

Gina: What goals have you set for yourself in the future?
Sonia: I’m trying to publish more often. Since I started, I’ve published 2-4 books a year and I know there are authors who publish a lot more than that, so I want to try to push myself a little and publish more often too. I have so many ideas and I want to get them out so that my readers can enjoy them too!

Gina: What should a reader expect to see from your next novel?
Sonia: Adventures in space, romance, and sexy alien guys! Those are guaranteed in all of my books.

Gina: Is there anything you would like to share with your readers?
Sonia: Simply: Thank you! I hope you enjoy my stories.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Vampire Romance Review


 An interesting second book that picks up right from the first one, meaning it's definitely a series to read in order. And just like Friday, we are learning about her guys and the supernatural things around them all slowly but surely. Within this second book not only do we continue to have that HOT paranormal why choose romance aspect but there's also now a building sense of mystery and danger. I'm hoping those 2 things continue to build along with getting to see the relationship between all five characters deepen on a more emotional & mental level. Building physically is fine too but most of that is already pretty hot, maybe some more m\m interaction could add even more spice. But overall it's a pretty good book with lots of potentials that I'll definitely keep reading so I can find out what's next.

Fantasy Urban Book Review

Death Be Blue by Katie Epstein is the first book in the Terra Vane series. This book is set in an alternate world named Portside City that can be accessed from Earth via a magical portal. The main character of the book is Terra Vane who works as a police detective for the PCA (Portside City Agency). It follows Terra’s path as she tries to do her job as the token human working as a PCA agent in Portside. This book is a dark urban fantasy that is full of paranormal creatures that live in their own world but have access to that of regular Earth through a portal. This story is an enthralling ride from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down. I definitely recommend that anyone looking to read a great book.

Saturday, February 08, 2020

Another Great Interview!

Thank you so much for joining me today. I have Jamie Schulz who is sharing with us. She is working on a new book that will be out later this year and she just released one. AND... She is also an Excerpt! You have to check it out below but for now, lets get started with this interview.

Gina: Why did you become an author?
Jamie: I’ve always loved making up stories. I used to have them in my head all the time as a kid. They’ve gotten more complicated as an adult, but I still love running them over in my head.
I started to write them down in high school and never really stopped. Now, I just share them with everyone else.
Gina: What genre of books do you like to write?
Jamie: Romance, but I’d like to branch out a bit too at some point.
Gina: What is your inspiration for the current book or series you are writing?
Jamie: The Angel Eyes Series started many, many years ago. It came about during a history lecture in high school. We were studying the American Civil War and I remember thinking, “What could be worse than being a slave?” Then I wondered, “What if instead of being about race, it was about gender? And what if a lot of the women weren’t very nice?”
So, I guess you could say history was the inspiration, and has been for many of my stories. Several are in the plotting process now and I can’t wait to write them.
Gina: Are you a plotter or a pantser?
Jamie: I’m a little of both. I plot certain parts of the story first, like milestones, and let the rest build as I write. I love seeing where those will go before getting to each milestone.
Gina: Do you have any quirks or habits when your writing?
Jamie: Not really. Maybe not liking to always sit at a desk. I’ll work in an easy-chair or on a lounger in the yard during the summer.
Gina: Have you had any setbacks becoming an author yourself?
Jamie: There was a lot of doubt, but I’m finally at a place where that’s okay. Some people will like my books and others won’t. I’m not trying to please everyone.
The other thing is that it’s expensive to publish and market your own book. It’s been hard, but thankfully my day jobs covers most of it. Unfortunately, the day job also means I can’t write as much as I’d like.
Gina: What advice would you give to someone who would like to become a writer?
Jamie: Just write. Every single day. Don’t think about it too much. It’s too easy to get stuck if you do. Find a good editor and listen to their advice.
Gina: What is some of the best advice or inspiration you have received from another author?
Jamie: If you’re finding it hard to write because your characters just aren’t coming to you the way they normally do, take a step back and think on it for a while.
I’ll usually come back the next day, after getting some rest and a break, and the words start flowing again.
Gina: What goals have you set for yourself in the future?
Jamie: To finish my 6-book series within the next 5 years and write 2 to 3 other books during that time as well.
Gina: How do you want readers to see your work?
Jamie: As something worth reading. Something they would share with their friends and talk about online. Something they would read again and again.
Gina: What should a reader expect to see from your next novel?
Jamie: Masters’ Mistress is the next novel coming out. It returns to the world that was introduced in my last book, Jake’s Redemption, only with a new set of primary characters. The main part of the series, of which Masters’ Mistress is book one, centers around Bret Masters and Angel Aldridge. They are two very broken people with secrets they don’t want to share with anyone, especially each other. The only problem with that is, they can’t seem to stay away from each other. There are mysteries and dangers all throughout the book, some of which will carry over into the next. I’m really excited to get it out there for my readers to enjoy.

 Gina: Is there anything you would like to share with your readers?
Jamie: I really appreciate all of your support! It means a lot to me that other people have found and really enjoyed my work. Thank you!
Gina: When will your next book be coming out?
Jamie: Feburary 1, 2020 was my latest release.

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

New Series Review

  Very impressed with the writing style of this author. The prologue captured this story from beginning to end. I felt my own heart beating faster from the fear, the unknown. The detail gave you a picture in this world that left humans at the bottom of the food chain. Not a lot of interaction with the men which I would have liked more of. I don't know them at the end of this book but the story itself intrigues me to learn more to read more. I want to know what they do to her.

Saturday, February 01, 2020

New Author Book Review

This story took an interesting turning for me. I won't tell you how since it is a short story but just look at the characters. This story does open up a little slow and it took me a minute to get in it but I am glad I stuck with it. It was different from many short romances that seem to fall more erotic in nature. This was a story about survival, finding one's balance, and learning to move on from the past. Allison was real in showing her fears, dislikes, and her character as it started to grow and open up. The male was off-putting at times but you have to think they are in it for survival and some tense scenes do come up. This book was an oasis leading from danger into bliss but life and death come back around in the end. It is only in with that, you find what you really need in life and where your heart lies. This happy ever after plays off into their future and what appears maybe another book on the horizon. I would love to read more into Allison's best friend, Summer and her sexy love interest.

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