Thursday, March 26, 2020

Author Interview with Leeah Taylor

  Gina: Tell us a bit about yourself? 
 Leeah: I’m Leeah, a paranormal romance author and lover of all things vampires, witches and wolves. Writing has been my passion since I could remember and my *ahem* obsession for all things paranormal for just as long.
When I’m not playing master of my worlds, I’m a stay at home mommy to two perfect little devils *cough* I mean angels and wife of twenty years to an amazing man in the great Sunshine State. We also have five furry children- three cats and two dogs. 
       Gina: Have you always wanted to become an author?
Leeah: I’ve always had a very active and vivid imagination. Long before I started writing I was making up stories in my head but it never occurred to me that I wanted to be an author.
I was thirteen when I started writing short stories and fanfiction. And even later in my twenties when I began writing more original works. It wasn’t until I hit thirty that I realized I wanted to be an author and share my stories with others. Five years later I’m finally living that dream. 
Gina: What was your inspiration for your current book/series?
Leeah: I’ve always had a love for Paranormal Romance. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Interview with the Vampire both set a fire in me to love all things vampires.
But I found, more recently, what I wanted to read wasn’t out there. Or at least I wasn’t finding it. So with my love for the angsty love stories in The Vampire Diaries and sexier, darker storylines of The Originals, and a set of characters that needed a story- I finally started writing the Kings of Sterling.

Gina: What are you working on now?
Leeah: Kings of Sterling is my only project right now, though I have several waiting quite impatiently for me to finish. It began as one book, one love story. The now book two in the series was originally the first nd only bookd. But the deeper I went the more it exploded into an entire world, cast of characters, and a story I never saw coming.
As I mentioned above I have a love for The Vampire Diaries but really I didn’t even start watching it until I saw The Originals. The bond of family in that TV series paired with the rich history of New Orleans fueled my world building. I wanted to write the same family bond and even more, a bond beyond blood set in a fictional small town of Georgia rich with it’s own history and backstory.
Kings of Sterling isn’t just love stories but a story about a family the lengths they’ll go not to only protect each other but the town they love and hold dear. And with plenty of twists, turns and OMG moments along the way.
The series is planned to be 10 books long not including companion books and spin off series.

Gina: Do you have any quirks while working?
Leeah: While writing? Not really though my characters do “talk” to me and their temperament will decide how much work I can get done. It also makes for some interesting discoveries along the way too.

Gina: What are your hopes for the future?
Leeah: Short term, I hope to get the majority of Kings of Sterling published this year, so far I’m half way there. But long term I’d like to make this into a career while doing what I love. I know the road ahead of  me is long and will take a lot of work but I’m ready to do it.

Gina: Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?
Leeah: Find your tribe. It makes all the difference when you surround yourself with fellow writers to cheer you on and mentor you.  The best decision I made was joining a small critique group of ladies in my genre and while our group isn’t very active now, I became amazing friends with one of them and we are like cheerleaders for each other. She makes a huge difference in not only writing  but everyday life. So, find that tribe. It’s out there.

Gina: Do you have anything to say to your followers?
Leeah: I have met so many great people along the way so far. Many of them readers that still, even today, blow my mind when they talk about my books. I think sometimes I’m still in this surreal state about it. But I can’t be more grateful, and truly blessed, to have found a great group of followers and readers! 
Gina: Thank you for joining us today, Leeah for this short interview. I know you are very busy with your upcoming release and I am so happy you took a moment to sit down with me. 
Leeah: Thank you, it a pleasure.
Blood of Night
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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

New Author, New Book, New Review!

Capture the Crown: Rise of the Deema


 A new authors first release is always flawed. I don't think there is one out there who has ever been completely content with their first. I see this new author doing as many of us do and work on this again in the future. But let us get to the review.
There are many types of characters in this book. Many planets and worlds that can be discovered in this series. It takes a real creative mind to come up with the elements in this book and I think this book has huge potential. I see errors in the editing process that can make things less clearer for a reader but if worked on it can be so much more. A little bit of configuring in some parts but I think the plot of the story was still very strong. It was unique and captures the imagination.
Katie is a young woman who has just graduated from college. The Deema, Charles, is her secret love interest who she finally meets again. He was friends with her parents and has been looking over her for years but he hasn't seen her since growing up and when he does he is blown away. But he is the queen's consort and she is not going to give him up easy. I think this book might have focus a little too much on the queen and could have paid a little more attention to the love story.
Although this book has sexual content including masturbation, it does not go into any graphic scenes with sex. If you are looking for steam this book might not be right for you. Although it doesn't play into those roles it does have what I consider some graphic language. I think it would have played better with the two main characters coming together in the end. Just because of the language and masturbation I think the reader would like that in the end.
Overall, I would like to give this story another try. I give it four stars because of the plot and world-building but it does need work with editing. Still, I think it is a great start for a new author.


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Book review by Gina Manis

The Hired Hand (Hands On Book 1)



 Although I really liked this story there were some issues that drove me little nuts. I didn't really like how it started out with Marlow and Joey. I would never have told my friend I paid for mans services for her. I would have just introduced him to her and let him do the work from there. I would have wanted to make sure my friend was okay, not just leave her.
The story rode smoothly after that for the most part. He shows up three months later, they pretend not to know each other at first. Things start to heat up. All good.
I would have like to have seen Marlow make an effort with her appearance, for her to have met his parents like he did hers. I thought Liam may have been a little childish in his jealousy at times but it was entertaining. One of the biggest issues I saw in the story was how Marlow's dad treated her. I know she quits in the end but she never truly told him how he made her feel. I think it was such an important issue and I didn't get closure with it.
This is all me nick picking at the plot. It was a good read, I did very much enjoy it. I did see a few editing issues and the major one was Chapters 9 and 10. They were the same. One of them needs to be deleted.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Newest release for March

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