Sunday, August 25, 2019

Introducing Tate, the Earth Element

I lost her once, and it nearly killed me. I left the castle and my family because being there was just too hard. Everything reminded me of my Celine. 

I took to the forest, becoming a Huntsmen for our people but being alone didn't help with the pain of losing her. 

As my Elemental Powers developed, I made them stronger by working with them. Growing a tree where one died or giving another life again. Taking the forms of the animals and running with them. It was my only peace for the longest time. 

That is until the queen sends for me. Finding out that Celine is alive, my heart races to find her. 

Seeing her again, I can't help taking her in my arms. I can't contain myself as she touches her lips to mine. The ground shakes, and the world comes alive for me once more. 

I will lead her back to her sister, the queen, but only to break the curse she has placed on my beloved. 

Once that is done, I will make her mine forever.

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