Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How Should We Market?

Marketing is one of the biggest things you will do for your book. In order for it to be a success, it will take your time, effort, and money. But you can't always do the same thing. To test this theory, I have posted two images. Its nothing grand just on facebook but what it is, is different. Tomorrow, I will post this in some groups but mostly I will be sharing with my friends. I will not be linking it to my book but instead, I plan to link it to my FB page for my book. WHY?
Because I am not tr
ying to sell my book. I am wanting to build a base.
My mission with this post is to get regular people who like it to share. In return, I am hoping more people will share. Out of all that sharing, my thoughts are to mass market.
Several reason why I want to do this.
1- There are many people on FB that do not belong to one group but are readers. I want to market to them and to do so, I need regular people to share with their friends. Creating a new way to market by hitting the general population.
2- It's different and being different can be a good thing.
I offer something sweat, something elegant that regular people can enjoy and share.
3- Sharing to groups is one thing but you're limiting your book to just the people within them
. Turn your focus to the general markets and just offer something besides a book. You're page is something people can link to in FB, like it, share it, and follow for the possible future of a book sale.
4- Be entertaining to a general audience.
Images, video's, jokes, we live in a world of visual stimulants. Us your imagination and get your book out of those groups and everywhere else.
My point is simple. Don't think like everybody else when it comes to marketing you book. If you have the imagination to write a book, then you have it to do this.
Another area beside a simple FB page for your book is yourself. You are an author now, you need to get your name out there. Popular authors are searched, are remembered more often than not than a book title.
If your interested in how the is going to work, I will post my result tomorrow night for just one day of trying to market to a general audience. I will post how many likes it gets, shares, and how many new people will be following my page. So save this post if you want to see how it goes.

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