Monday, September 02, 2019

Meet Brier Reef, the...what element?

She is beautiful, kind, gentle, and needs my protection. Celine is everything I have always wanted, but now that is all too late. I am not fit for her and must stay away.

I can't be what she wants me to be. I am a broken element with powers that can only destroy. I refuse to use them, but all she wants to do is pull them out. I vow never to let that happen as she pushes me to open up. 

She is hard to resist and puts me on edge most of the time. She looks at me with a plea and a promise of comforts from a woman I have long forgotten. 

I will not give in to these needs of mine. Opening my powers would cause more harm than good and may even kill her in the process. 

Keep her at a distance. That is what I intend to do.


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