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Sneak Peek of Megan's Cursed Wolves

Coming Feb. 2020

I forgot the small pleasures of being a woman living in the mountains for so long. The comforts of just a little lotion on my skin and how it nourished it. These small things are easily forgotten when they are not available, and daily work is hard making you completely forget about them. It makes me enjoy the moment, even more, the little things. Doing my nails, pampering my skin, lounging in a bath.
I moan softly as I rub my soar feet. Walking for the past two days has made my feet tight, but I am used to it. Still, it feels so good to do something kind and beautiful for myself. A luxury that came not often.
I can’t resist pulling the gown over my shoulders, letting it fall along my waist as I put more lotion in my hands, rubbing it along my shoulders and neck, down and into my chest. I rub it into my breasts and slide my hands over my nipples and groan.
A soft, low moan alerts my attention to the floor, and I see Bjorn is watching me. My trouble-making black wolf that wanted to be my alpha. I pause for a moment before deciding it would be silly not to continue.
“You can watch Bjorn,” I chide softly as I rub the lotion down and into my stomach. “Don’t be getting any other ideas in that head of yours.”
He does nothing, just lays there, and continues to watch. Klaus’s ears prick at the sound of my voice. He is my best friend and confidant. I don’t mind him watching me as he does most nights as I ready for bed.
I put more lotion in my hands and lean over and working it into my legs. Up from the calves, to my knees and around my thighs.  I rub more it into my stomach, working up to my breasts, caressing them as I close my eyes with pleasure. I have never really touched myself much before, but the idea of meeting a man tonight has me thinking about it. Contact from anyone, and I longed for it now.
I let my hands run over my body, the smooth skin now with lotion is so sensual. I knew that Bjorn and Klaus are watching me, and it makes it feel daring.
I look back over to them and smile as I rub my arms. “Do you like to watch me, Bjorn?
He growls at me, and I know that it is a yes. The way he has been treating me lately was why I was in search of a man now. It was time I explorer the sensualness of being a woman.  
My gaze falls to Klaus ignoring Bjorn’s answer.
“Klaus, would you like to see more?”  
He whines a little and I am a little surprised by his attention tonight. He was almost begging me to continue. Because of that, I rise up beside the bed, letting the gown slip from my body.
“I like you both watching me so. I want to feel desirable tonight, and you both are making me feel like I am.”

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Clairrissa SinClair Author Interview.

Thank you for joining us this busy time of year and reading a little about this up and coming author, Clairissa SinClair. Her name is a mouthful just as it is to type and her books are just as much full of life. So let's get start!

Gina: Why did you become an author?
Clairissa: I suppose the stories have always been bouncing around in my head since I was a girl, but I finally got brave enough to put them out there. 
Gina: I’m glad you did. I think many authors do this.
What genre of books do you like to write? 
Clairissa: I love romance, the spicier the better, but I also have a work in progress that is more satirical. 
Gina: What is your inspiration for the current book or series you are writing? 
Clairissa: Naked and Afraid!  My boyfriend and I watch the show all the time.  I’m always impressed with the women who just do what needs to be done.  Especially when the man taps out after three days, in tears, because of bug bites.  My new book is semi-dystopian with a super strong heroine who is the one that keeps the people she loves alive in a scary new world.
Gina: I like the sound of that.  
Are you a plotter or a pantser? 
Clairissa: I am a pantster.  I like to create interesting characters with real life situations and flaws.  I introduce them and see what happens next, like an observer.
Gina: Do you have any quirks or habits when your writing? 
Clairissa: I write better with my Chihuahua Gizmo by my side.  He’s my lucky charm.
Gina: Aw, how cute.
Have you had any setbacks becoming an author yourself? 
Clairissa: I made a few rookie mistakes.  I was so excited to put on my first book, I accidentally uploaded the UNEDITED version! It was chock full of typos and I got some mean reviews as a result.  I also had it split in two books.  I ended up pulling it, cleaning it up, recovering it, merging them into one book and renaming it as “The Evolution of Jules”.
Gina: That sounds like some huge mistakes. I’m glad you fixed and am now moving on.
What advice would you give to someone who would like to become a writer?   
Clairissa: A journey of  fifty thousand words starts with a single keystroke.
Gina: I think that is one of my new favorite sayings.
What is some of the best advice or inspiration you have received from another author? 
Clairissa: My dear friend, author Rebecca DeMedeiros told me not to take reviews personally. 
Gina: Yes, so many people do review on a curve for their taste. But I believe you can still get something from a bad review.
What goals have you set for yourself in the future? 
Clairissa: I want to finish up three more books in the Nesting Instinct Vampire series.  I want to finish Dystopia and a few other works in progress.  On a whim, I started another series based on colorful snowbirds and retirees in Florida.  I call it  “Second Chance at Love in the Sunny Daze Trailer Park”.
Gina: Very busy! How do you find the time to write so?
How do you want readers to see your work? 
Clairissa: I try to write strong female leads who have flaws.  We all have them.  I’d really love for them to see a little of themselves in each of them.  In the Instinct series, Vivi is a party girl, Rita was in a physically abusive relationship, and Delphine was an addict.  Veronica, who is up next, has self-esteem issues.  Jules was trafficked.  Joss was dumped. In the end, they all discover their inner strength.
Gina: Wow! I like the varity you has.
What should a reader expect to see from your next novel? 
Clairissa: Book 4 in Nesting Instinct will be out by Christmas!  This one has sweet, computer nerd, Veronica finding TWIN mates in the Niklas and Lukas.  It will be quickly followed by a deliciously dirty M/M Vamp warrior love story, and wrapped up with Alec’s story.   My NaNoWriMo project is complete as of today, and I really like it. This one is a heavy BDSM piece about a Dom who becomes obsessed with his boss.  He blindfolds her, when he comes to her in the night, teaching her to find her own strength through her submission.  Guaranteed to set some panties on fire.
 Gina: Is there anything you would like to share with your readers? 
Clairissa: I’d love to hear from you more often! Good, bad or indifferent, feel free to drop me a line and share your thoughts or ideas.  I’ve received a few emails or PMs from some of you and they absolutely mean the world to me.  I will respond to every single one of them.  Also, leave reviews whenever you can, not just for me, for all of your favorite books.   Even a few words are a fantastic way to say ‘thank you’.
Gina: Thank you for sharing with us today. I think we all can see we have much to look forward to with your writing and that you are a most follow.
Clairissa: Thank You.
Gina: That does it for this interview. Be sure to check out the newest release of the Nesting Instinct series and all of Clairissa SinClair’s other books. You can do so now.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Book Review of Primal Urges

By Lizzy Beqein
This book was very animalistic and I am sure that is what the author was going for. A little over embellishing in certain aspects but defiantly an entertaining read. It was suspenseful and erotic, that sent a burning arousal through me as I read. I little violent in the physical act but I got that it most likely would be early on.
I like how this plays out in the wilderness of Canada. For a short story, its focus was completely on the two main characters which I think is a good idea. It switched narrations between him and her often and I saw one or two places where it was off a little bit in that area. You felt the animal in him from the beginning but I didn't see it in the female until well, let's just say she went into heat. Then you saw how strong she really was.
Playing with genetics to make the ultimate solder you should know things are going to go bad for the scientist and they do. Just in time also as he saves her and so many others. I love the end where it shows them years into the future and just having a short conversation with their kids. That their life did turn out to be happy ever after as we all love.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Author Interview with Miranda Bridges

Thank you for joining us for this interview today, Miranda Bridges. I know you're very busy with the newest release 'Chosen by a Beast. So let's get to this so you can get back to meeting with your other fans. 

Gina: Why did you become an author?
Miranda: I had a story idea and it wouldn’t leave me alone. When I realized I could self-publish I wanted to give writing a try to supplement the household income.
Gina: What genre of books do you like to write?
Miranda: Romance: Sci-fi, paranormal/regency, and historical.
Gina: What is your inspiration for the current book or series you are writing?
Miranda: The Disney show Gargoyles from the 1990s. I used to watch it as a kid and I wanted to model a hero in my book after Goliath.
Gina: Are you a plotter or a pantser?
Miranda: Such a panster. I hate it and I want to plot so that I can increase my word count significantly.
Gina: Do you have any quirks or habits when your writing?
Miranda: I have to listen to instrumental music every time, without fail. It inspires me.
Gina: Have you had any setbacks becoming an author yourself?
Miranda: Does a failed series count? haha. I love my Paranormal/Regency books, but there’s not a large enough market for them.
Gina: What advice would you give to someone who would like to become a writer?
Miranda: Get a trusted critique partner so you can improve your writing skills.
Find something in the market that you love and write it (if you want to make money; if not, write whatever you want.)
Don’t give up, but be willing to look at yourself, your books, and your marketing with an impartial view. Adjust and move on.
Gina: What is some of the best advice or inspiration you have received from another author?
Miranda: I was told that I was being used as an author’s AMS keyword and this person was doing ridiculously well in my subgenre. Also, I saw someone’s addcopy say: Like Miranda Bridges? Then you’ll love…
Those were the two biggest compliments and they still make me smile.
Gina: What goals have you set for yourself in the future?
Miranda: I want to be a 6 figure author in 2020, produce 10-12 books, and attend 1-2 writer’s conferences.
Gina: How do you want readers to see your work?
Miranda: As something enjoyable and for them to know I put my heart and soul into it to make it as good as possible at the time.
Gina: What should a reader expect to see from your next novel?
Miranda: A feisty heroine with a no nonsense alien warrior who clash in a battle of wills.
Gina: Is there anything you would like to share with your readers?
Miranda: That I appreciate them more than they could ever know and that they mean everything to me.
Gina: When will your next book be coming out?
Miranda: Well, Chosen by a Beast just released on the 16th, but The Bodyguard’s Breeder will be out 1/20/20.
Gina: Thank you Miranda Bridges for your interview with us today. I have had a wonderful time and I hope others who have taken the time to read has too. 
Miranda: Thank you, Gina. 
Please make sure you check out Miranda's Books at the link below. I have also included my review of one of her earlier books, 'Commander Captive'. 
New Release  
See Now!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Book Review of Nesting Instinict by Clairissa SinClair

I just love this author's pin name and her book as well. Clairissa SinClair gives normalcy to Vampire life where they can fall in love, have children, and make a more normal life among humans. I enjoyed the book and here is my review.
A hot little book involving Vampire and how they nest. A badass woman meets the next princess of the vampires, kicking his ass and winning his heart. I picture this written for the bayou of Louisiana, the swamp rat in hiding but it is based out of the Carolinas. The aristocratic of Sctoish heir I see a little more clearly. I love details but found this book moved at a fast pace, leaving some of them out. Perfect for a short romance though. I would have liked a little more conflict in the beginning before they came together but it still played off well. he range of characters, I see that they have been set up nicely for future romance books. I am intrigued of what will happen with Alex in the future. I found the overall story well written and I very much enjoyed it.
There was some difficulty in the formatting of the book. I wish conversations were separated allowing an easier switch up between characters. A few editing mistakes within the story. One where she went to dinner commando but came back wearing little white ones. Small things that could easily be fixed with another edit.
Not sure if this is a first book for the author but if so, well done. I see your writing only getting better.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

This looks like a must read!

 Convinced she is a jinx, Robyn Crenshaw walked away from the sexy stranger she had wed in a bout of weakness after knowing him less than 24 hours.  After all, with two dead husbands behind her, a third one would not be a charm.  If walking away from the man she had an instantaneous connection with meant potentially saving his life, it would be worth it.

Author Interview with Sherri Hayes

Thank you for joining us to day for another Author Interview. Today I am with Sherri Hayes who does have an impressive line up of books already.  I thank her also for taking some time with us as new releases can be a hectic time. So lets get started!
Gina: What is your favorite thing about being an Author?
Sherri: I love interacting with my readers and hearing how my stories affect them.
Gina: What genre of books are you inspired most to write about?
Sherri: I like writing about the present day with characters my readers can relate to, so all my books are contemporary romance or BDSM romance.
Gina: Do you plot you’re books or let them lead you?
Sherri: I usually have a rough idea in my head as to where I want the story to go, but that's about all I do in the way of plotting. On the whole, I allow the characters and the situations push the story forward. It's like watching a movie in my head that I then put down on paper.
Gina: I never write down plots either. I go so far off them when I start to write.
What is something you do when writing that keeps you going?
Sherri: If I'm stuck, I either go for a walk or I put on some classical music. It helps me focus and think through the story and where it needs to go next.
Gina: I usually go for a drive or plot ideas when I drive.
What is your inspiration for the current book or series you are writing?
Sherri: Seducing Janey is a spin off of my novel Crossing the Line. Janey Davis was a supporting character in that novel and I knew after finishing it that I wanted to give her her own story. I just had to figure out who would be her ideal match and how I wanted to introduce them. Deputy Kyle Reed was exactly the hero I was looking for.
Gina: I love spinoffs!
Have you had any trial or errors that has cost you in becoming an author?
Sherri: Not really. I sort of fell into being an author. It was never a goal of mine growing up. In fact, if you would have told me in high school I would become a published author, I never would have believed you. My author journey has been a steady learning process for me.
Gina: What made you decide to write and publish then?
Sherri: I wrote my first story because I was upset with the writers of a TV show. They killed off the main characters love interest, so I decided to write my own alternate ending giving them their HEA. After that, I wrote some Twilight fan fiction while working on what is now my novel, Strictly Professional, an office romance set in Chicago. In 2010, a small publisher contacted me. They'd read some of my fan fic and wanted to see if I had anything I was interested in publishing. I sent them Strictly Professional and two weeks later they offered me a publishing contract. They rest, as they say, is history. 
Gina: That sounds awesome! I am glad you found your passion even later in life. 
Do you have another author who has given you advice or encouragement?
Sherri: I've learned a lot from Melissa Storm and Jenna Merici. Both authors have a marketing background and share their knowledge and experience with other authors. Melissa helped me learn how to do Facebook ads and Jenna is a whiz at book launches
Gina: What goals have you set for yourself for the next year?
Sherri: I'd like to publish two books next year, which is something I haven't done for the last three years.
Gina: What do you want readers to see or feel most when it comes to your stories?
Sherri: I want readers to be able to relate to the characters and to become invested in their story.
Gina: Is there any juicy tidbits you can give us about your next book release?
Sherri: Seducing Janey is the first book in a new series. It's a sexy small town romance with a nice murder mystery thrown in. Here's a little sample.
Once her feet were on the ground, Kyle crowded closer, pressing her back against the edge of the seat. There was heat in his eyes—heat Janey desperately wanted to tap. She slid her palms up his chest and cupped the back of his neck with her right hand. That was all he needed. He grabbed hold of her hips with so much force it took her breath away. Then his lips were covering hers and the thought of breathing went out the window altogether. Kyle molded her body to his as much as their clothing would allow and wasted no time darting his tongue between her parted lips. He ran his hands up the length of her back and then down over her ass. She wanted his hands everywhere. He was breathing hard when he finally broke the kiss. “I’ve wanted to do that all day.”
 Gina: Thank you for that.
Sherri: You’re welcome and thank you for the interview.
Gina: That does it for this interview. Be sure to check out Sherri Hayes new book, Seducing Janey that has just been released. I personally am looking forward to reading it.

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