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Author Interview with Maggie Cole and another new Release!

Thank you for joining us today with this interview with Author Maggie Cole. She is a dedicated author who has every intention of publishing a new book every month! Bless her, I tell you, I don’t know how she does it. So let’s get start.

Gina: What is your favorite thing about being an Author?
Maggie: I love to get lost in the characters and plot. Every story is different and creating the twist and turn, or moment where the character changes or overcomes their internal battle is fun. I only started writing a year ago and I realized that I have a lot of crazy S**T in my head!
Gina: Your funny. I have a lot of that in my head also.
What genre of books are you inspired most to write about?
Maggie: Contemporary Romance - I’m currently writing Billionaire series but my books all have suspense, humor, tears, and lots of steamy romance. I love the HEA and the conflict and chemistry between the hero and heroine. I’m into the sacrifice the couple normally has to make in order to move forward, or the truth that has to come out, or how past baggage plays a role and the couple is able to work through it.
Gina: Do you plot you’re books or let them lead you?
Maggie: I cannot plot!! I write whatever crazy idea comes to me. I like being flexible and not boxing my characters into something that ends up not feeling right. Then I go back through the story and create additional layers as I see fit.
Gina: I do that too. I can rewrite and add to a book three or four times before I feel it is ready.
What is something you do when writing that keeps you going?
Maggie: I go back and read what I’ve already written. It helps me develop the story further or figure out what comes next.
Gina: What is your inspiration for the current book or series you are writing?
Maggie: Honestly, this is going to sound a bit crazy, but I often dream of my characters. I can see them and their chemistry, flaws, perfections, and the plots. I’ll have several nights where I dream of the same characters as the story unfolds.
Gina: I go to bed every night telling myself a story. It’s not strange at all.
Have you had any trial or errors that has cost you in becoming an author?
Maggie: YES!!! Bad editors. Telling my cover artist I was going to print in white paper vs. cream (the color changed the size of your book and thus spine!). Taking advice from people who aren’t in the genre or know anything about it.
Gina: I didn’t realize that about covers. Thanks for pointing it out.
What would you say to someone who wants to become a writer?
Maggie: Just write! Seriously, you just need to write what you want. It’s so easy to worry about what your readers will like or not, but honestly, tell your story and find your tribe.
Gina: Do you have another author who has given you advice or encouragement?
Maggie: Desiree Holt is amazing. So is Lynn Carmer.
Gina: What goals have you set for yourself for the next year?
Maggie: My goal is to create a base of raving fans who love my novels. I also will be releasing a new book every least, that is the plan! I want my readers to be engaged in my process. So I’ll be naming characters after my fans, choosing locations, plots, and character flaws based on what my fans challenge me to write.
Gina: The interaction with readers sounds very interesting.
What do you want readers to see or feel most when it comes to your stories?
Maggie: Emotion. I want my readers to have moments they laugh and cry. I want them to have lots of flutters when they read my steamy scenes. I want them to think WTF or OMG or WHOA I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING!
Gina: I love that answer. It really sums up what must of us want our fans to feel.
 Is there any juicy tidbits you can give us about your next book release?
Maggie: I’m in the middle of releasing my ALL IN SERIES. The Crime is out 12/8 and as one of my Advance Copy Reviewers put it, “This author weaves a tale that sucks you in and grips you to the core…” or another wrote, “OMG!!! Chills, tears, suspense and all the feels in between! The Crime is riveting, engaging and hot!”
In The Crime, Jack Stevens is in Tampa working with the FBI to take down his business partners who have committed a heinous crime. Maddie Burns comes to Tampa on a last minute vacation after her breakup from her 6 year boyfriend. The two meet and there is instant chemistry. They find out they are both from New York and have the same friends, but also that their paths are crossed in the crime. There are twists throughout the story and definite WHOA moments. And as another reviewer put it, “I didn’t think this series could get any better then in walks Jack Stevens, holy hotness, sex on a stick gorgeous…”
 Gina: What would you like to say to your readers and anyone interested in reading your books?
Maggie: Thank you for giving me a chance. As a new author, this has been a journey for me and I’m constantly learning which is showing up in my writing.
Gina: When will your next book be coming out?
Maggie: ALL IN SERIES: The Crime is 12/8, The Lie is 01/4, The Trap is 01/31, and The Gamble is 2/27
The series I am currently writing I don’t have any titles or even the series name yet, but I’m working on book 3. The anticipated launch date for that series will be in March.
Gina: Thank you for your interview today. I think it is one of the best yet. I have had so much fun with this today and I am sure your books give that same feeling. Be sure to check out Maggie Cole’s new release today, Dec 8th, 2019 and all her other books.

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