Sunday, December 15, 2019

Book Review of Nesting Instinict by Clairissa SinClair

I just love this author's pin name and her book as well. Clairissa SinClair gives normalcy to Vampire life where they can fall in love, have children, and make a more normal life among humans. I enjoyed the book and here is my review.
A hot little book involving Vampire and how they nest. A badass woman meets the next princess of the vampires, kicking his ass and winning his heart. I picture this written for the bayou of Louisiana, the swamp rat in hiding but it is based out of the Carolinas. The aristocratic of Sctoish heir I see a little more clearly. I love details but found this book moved at a fast pace, leaving some of them out. Perfect for a short romance though. I would have liked a little more conflict in the beginning before they came together but it still played off well. he range of characters, I see that they have been set up nicely for future romance books. I am intrigued of what will happen with Alex in the future. I found the overall story well written and I very much enjoyed it.
There was some difficulty in the formatting of the book. I wish conversations were separated allowing an easier switch up between characters. A few editing mistakes within the story. One where she went to dinner commando but came back wearing little white ones. Small things that could easily be fixed with another edit.
Not sure if this is a first book for the author but if so, well done. I see your writing only getting better.

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