Thursday, December 19, 2019

Sneak Peek of Megan's Cursed Wolves

Coming Feb. 2020

I forgot the small pleasures of being a woman living in the mountains for so long. The comforts of just a little lotion on my skin and how it nourished it. These small things are easily forgotten when they are not available, and daily work is hard making you completely forget about them. It makes me enjoy the moment, even more, the little things. Doing my nails, pampering my skin, lounging in a bath.
I moan softly as I rub my soar feet. Walking for the past two days has made my feet tight, but I am used to it. Still, it feels so good to do something kind and beautiful for myself. A luxury that came not often.
I can’t resist pulling the gown over my shoulders, letting it fall along my waist as I put more lotion in my hands, rubbing it along my shoulders and neck, down and into my chest. I rub it into my breasts and slide my hands over my nipples and groan.
A soft, low moan alerts my attention to the floor, and I see Bjorn is watching me. My trouble-making black wolf that wanted to be my alpha. I pause for a moment before deciding it would be silly not to continue.
“You can watch Bjorn,” I chide softly as I rub the lotion down and into my stomach. “Don’t be getting any other ideas in that head of yours.”
He does nothing, just lays there, and continues to watch. Klaus’s ears prick at the sound of my voice. He is my best friend and confidant. I don’t mind him watching me as he does most nights as I ready for bed.
I put more lotion in my hands and lean over and working it into my legs. Up from the calves, to my knees and around my thighs.  I rub more it into my stomach, working up to my breasts, caressing them as I close my eyes with pleasure. I have never really touched myself much before, but the idea of meeting a man tonight has me thinking about it. Contact from anyone, and I longed for it now.
I let my hands run over my body, the smooth skin now with lotion is so sensual. I knew that Bjorn and Klaus are watching me, and it makes it feel daring.
I look back over to them and smile as I rub my arms. “Do you like to watch me, Bjorn?
He growls at me, and I know that it is a yes. The way he has been treating me lately was why I was in search of a man now. It was time I explorer the sensualness of being a woman.  
My gaze falls to Klaus ignoring Bjorn’s answer.
“Klaus, would you like to see more?”  
He whines a little and I am a little surprised by his attention tonight. He was almost begging me to continue. Because of that, I rise up beside the bed, letting the gown slip from my body.
“I like you both watching me so. I want to feel desirable tonight, and you both are making me feel like I am.”


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