Tuesday, January 21, 2020

New Release today, The Stolen Princess

By Gina Manis
The Fire Element, Lee wants me for something, but all I want is to get back to my elements, Earth, Wind, and Water. I need to finish my bonding with them and now more than ever. Because Lee wants me to bond with him, and I cannot do that. I want to save the world from fire, not join with it in its destruction.

My bond with Tate the Earth Element helps, but the power of the Elemental sacrifice is growing weaker by each day. I feel it slipping away, and it scares me.

Lee is so powerful and robust, more than any other of his kind. I feel his powers, and they have some control over me. I fight the drawl I have and will not give in to him or to myself.

As our journey becomes dangerous, and we fight to survive together, it becomes harder to fight him. Along the way, I am discovering more of who he is and what he wants. He wraps me in his warmth and keeps me warm, and it becomes harder to resist the attraction I am feeling.

I want to trust him, but I cannot. The others will come for me soon, I tell myself. That he is the enemy, and I must stay strong and fight against him.

It doesn’t help matters as the Elemental Gods, Fire, and Water come to me. Fire wants me to bond with his element Lee and is threatening and dangerous. Water stands steady, saying I must stay my course. It all erupts one night when they force their powers on Lee and me.

I cannot be what Lee wants because we are bound to opposite sides of this war. I can't fall for him when I must fight him in the future.

My feelings are turning deeper, and I need the others to find and rescue me. Before, I can't resist lee’s powers any longer and give in to his heated touch, and lingering cherishes.

Because how and I to kill him... if I fall in love with him.

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