Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Book review by Gina Manis

The Hired Hand (Hands On Book 1)



 Although I really liked this story there were some issues that drove me little nuts. I didn't really like how it started out with Marlow and Joey. I would never have told my friend I paid for mans services for her. I would have just introduced him to her and let him do the work from there. I would have wanted to make sure my friend was okay, not just leave her.
The story rode smoothly after that for the most part. He shows up three months later, they pretend not to know each other at first. Things start to heat up. All good.
I would have like to have seen Marlow make an effort with her appearance, for her to have met his parents like he did hers. I thought Liam may have been a little childish in his jealousy at times but it was entertaining. One of the biggest issues I saw in the story was how Marlow's dad treated her. I know she quits in the end but she never truly told him how he made her feel. I think it was such an important issue and I didn't get closure with it.
This is all me nick picking at the plot. It was a good read, I did very much enjoy it. I did see a few editing issues and the major one was Chapters 9 and 10. They were the same. One of them needs to be deleted.

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