Sunday, March 15, 2020

How many of you are building followers through Amazon?

A question, I don't think enough authors are asking themselves. Is Amazon the right place to build followers? How can it benefit me as a writer?

If you are an author, you have your books on Amazon. A key reason why you should have an author's page with them. An author's page shows all your books, not just one, so if someone reads your work and likes it, they can easily find another one of your books. But what else may they find out about you?

 Well, it gives a biography of you where you can share anything. Another thing it offers is your blog feeds if you have a blog. Something that makes it easy for people to keep up to date with your latest news. 

Still, is that enough to build followers? Amazon doesn't give you a way to track how many people may check out your page. That doesn't mean that you have to be blind.

The one feature Amazon offers is the blog feeds. If you have a blog, you track where your traffic comes from. Now, I am not a well-known author; I don't have huge sales from my books. That is my goal one day, but until then, I will deal with what I got. And what I got is a blog, and from my blogging feed that I have on Amazon, I get about 20 viewers to my blog in a month. 

Now that might not sound like a considerable number, and it isn't. You have to think in percentage to what you do get, and for me, those 20 views to my blog say people are watching me. 

Let's talk about the people who follow us on amazon. These people are readers, and for some reason, they like your work. That book they read entertain and they want to read another. They might become an even greater fan, and though they might not have followed you with the first book, they did with second, and they are looking forward to your next release.

That is an important market that shouldn't be abused. Amazon reaches out to these people, your consumers. They send them an email for your next release when it goes live. They send out an exclusive email for promotions when you put your book on sale or for free. These key emails are important to you, and if you don't have a base of followers for your amazon, then consumers don't get them. You are then missing out. 

People are three times as likely to open an email and read from amazon than any other promotional email because Amazon has a platform that monitors consumer's needs and recommends items to their consumers, which we are more likely to buy than just browsing alone. 

Sure their emails may be scarce for your work and not come often, but you have the potential to market to readers who you don't even know reads your books. 

Still, it a question you should always ask yourself in building a follower base. There are a lot of unknowns of how an author page may help you and how amazon works in all their algorithms, but one thing is. If it is as big as amazon and you have your books there, you want to utilize all their tools, and being followed as an author by them is important. 

I encourage you all to spend a little time doing that this week and getting people to follow you on Amazon. 

To break this down and for you to see, let's do a little experiment. Below, post a link to your amazon author pages. For those of you who want to see, go through and like all the authors or just a few of them. For next month or two (it is kind of long process as I mention), watch your emails and see what comes to you from those authors in the coming months. 

When you do see them those authors, their new release of book promotion or free book in your email, you will know others see yours as well.

I hope you enjoy the read and please comment your opinions below.
Thank you, Gina

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