Wednesday, April 01, 2020

New Author Needing Reviews.

There are so many authors needing reviews and I know I can't keep up with them. So anyone who would like to take a chance on a new author, they just might become your next favorite. Check out this one. 

Ava, Pursuing Tranquility By Sarah Stone

By day, Ava is a dedicated, hard-working nurse. By night, she's hiding a terrible secret. The only one who knows the truth is Joe, Ava's surrogate father, who she's sworn to protect, no matter the cost. But no secret can stay hidden forever. When Joe’s sexy son, Devin, returns home from the military, their mutual attraction threatens to derail the tentative existence Ava has built for herself. In this exciting thriller, Ava is torn between obsession and temptation, friendship and romance, self-reliance and trust. Can she save herself, or will giving in to her heart have deadly consequences?

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