Wednesday, March 25, 2020

New Author, New Book, New Review!

Capture the Crown: Rise of the Deema


 A new authors first release is always flawed. I don't think there is one out there who has ever been completely content with their first. I see this new author doing as many of us do and work on this again in the future. But let us get to the review.
There are many types of characters in this book. Many planets and worlds that can be discovered in this series. It takes a real creative mind to come up with the elements in this book and I think this book has huge potential. I see errors in the editing process that can make things less clearer for a reader but if worked on it can be so much more. A little bit of configuring in some parts but I think the plot of the story was still very strong. It was unique and captures the imagination.
Katie is a young woman who has just graduated from college. The Deema, Charles, is her secret love interest who she finally meets again. He was friends with her parents and has been looking over her for years but he hasn't seen her since growing up and when he does he is blown away. But he is the queen's consort and she is not going to give him up easy. I think this book might have focus a little too much on the queen and could have paid a little more attention to the love story.
Although this book has sexual content including masturbation, it does not go into any graphic scenes with sex. If you are looking for steam this book might not be right for you. Although it doesn't play into those roles it does have what I consider some graphic language. I think it would have played better with the two main characters coming together in the end. Just because of the language and masturbation I think the reader would like that in the end.
Overall, I would like to give this story another try. I give it four stars because of the plot and world-building but it does need work with editing. Still, I think it is a great start for a new author.



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