Friday, June 26, 2020

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Escape into the Ethereal Realms. This lush YA Fantasy follows Arianette, a mortal girl kidnapped and transported to a magical world beyond the Veil. Can she discover the truth about who - and what - she is before the Fae Courts burn?
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❤️ Bound To A Deadly Fae Curse... ❤️Princess Of Frost By Mila Young
Captivating Snow Queen retelling, a sexy, forbidden romance coming out next month! PreOrder Your Copy: Bound to a deadly curse, nothing could save me...except for the love I never saw coming. I lived under the command of my uncle, King of Thiton. Cold, they called me. Frozen and frigid. Unworthy of love because I possessed snow magic. Banished to the mountains, I left my home, my family. Until hounds with red eyes came for me, bringing cruelty and darkness and a prince of hatred who expected me to worship him. From the moment I met him, I couldn't shake the feeling I knew him, even if I'd never seen him before. But to escape I had to become someone I wasn't--the person everyone already believed I was. I had to become deadly and powerful. Except, my unexpected desires for the prince of darkness could be my destruction--unless I finally discovered who I really was before it was too late.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Lotus by Clairissa SinClair

This book hit so many levels for me that I am afraid this is going to be the longest review ever. I will try and keep as interesting as this book.
Right of the bat, it started a little slow for me but I love the detail the author built on how the world crashed. Lotus comes in and she is closed off from the world already, her past and how she grew up is really apart of who she is and she misses more than she knows. At first, it all about survival. You have to feel the loneliness of the character before you can get the book.
But she is not the only one struggling to survive. All the main characters are in a different part of the world and each of them will have their battle scars as they come together. Lotus gives them peace and completes them once more.
This is a reverse harem with 3 male characters and each of them, I fell in love with. That doesn't always happen for me. But what is more surprising is how I felt when an attraction is born between two of the men. I don't like that sort of thing but I knew this book had some of that in it going in. I like where the author took them and it didn't overwhelm me. I don't want to give away what happens but I will say it left me wanting more.
There was one scene, that I didn't care and that was the one with the deputy. I would have preferred to have read the story without but I am not going to count points off for it. Even at that moment, I felt the character's loneliness and need for human connection. Maybe she went about it the wrong way but it made her grow also, I feel.
All in all, this is one of the best books I have read this year. My focus is on indie authors and my reviews are always honest. Yes, I like to read the big names ever now and then but with new authors, I am always surprised by the twist in their books.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Reverse Harem but also to anyone who likes to see real character growth.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

New release this week, Voiceless

New Release Today by M Sinclair Author 

I’d spent my entire life voiceless.
Ignored. Put to the side. All because I couldn’t communicate with the humans that I was surrounded by. All because I wasn’t surrounded by my own kind, my parents subjected me to the worst type of loneliness because of their own bias and history. That all changed when I turned eighteen though.
The day that I decided to pick up and move to Willowdale Village.
A place that signified the exact opposite of my upbringing. A place where I found my best friend. A place where I opened up my own business, a small ballet studio where I didn’t have to worry about whether I could talk to others or not. A place where people understood why I couldn’t talk. A place where everyone was different. A place where I met the Graves brothers, a family of wolf shifters, that planned on changing my life forever.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Wind Mage

By Gina Manis

Living in the mountains with just my Papa could be a lonely life, but it is not. I have my two wolves, Klaus and Bjorn, who keep things interesting. They followed me up this mountain when I was just a young woman and have been with me ever since. It has been almost five years now, and things are starting to change. My name is Aria, and I'm a woman now, ready to find love and start a family.

When an old Mage appears to us one night, I learn that Bjorn and Klaus are both men bound by a spell to live as wolves. Somehow, I release Bjorn, and as a man, he is more dominating than ever. His human name is Collin, and he is hard to resist when he takes me into his arms and kisses me with such fire and need, it leaves me shaking.

But there is still Klaus, and no matter how my feelings may be changing for Collin, I know Klaus is my true soul mate. He is the one I yearn for to become a man and hold me close in his arms.

None of that really matters if I can't break the spell on both their heads. I have just 40 days to do so until the next full moon. If I don't break it, they both will return to their wolf state and remain that way forever. The pain of never seeing Klaus or him holding me is unbearable.

But to get to him, I must first grant Bjorn his one true heart's desire… Me.

Friday, June 19, 2020

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

If Tomorrow ever Comes

USA Today bestselling author Magda Alexander brings you a tale of heartbreak and love, loss and redemption in this Hollywood meets small town summer romance.

An actor who's lost his soul

There is nothing studios won't give for my name in their movie, whether it's money, women, or fame. But fame bores me. Money? I have more than enough. And women? Not interested in the Hollywood types. The one thing I crave they can't give me. The redemption of my soul. For you see, I committed the ultimate sin, one I can't take back. I can't find absolution. No matter how hard I try. Until I land in a small beach town for a summer production and meet a waitress with a heart of gold.

A down-on-her-luck waitress

The last thing I want is another man in my life. The last one stole every penny from me. Money I'd been saving to go back to school. If I work double shifts at the diner, I just might earn enough. But only if I keep my eye on the ball. Only if I'm not sidelined by distractions.

A summer they won't forget

But when a stranger stumbles into my diner one stormy night looking for a meal and a place to stay, I offer the unthinkable--shelter in my home. When he's gone in the morning, I think that's the end. But I’m wrong. Dead wrong. Because the stranger returns, and this time he wants much more than my couch. He wants me in his bed.

If Tomorrow Ever Comes is a standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA, smexy times, and lots of pies.

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