Friday, June 26, 2020

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❤️ Bound To A Deadly Fae Curse... ❤️Princess Of Frost By Mila Young
Captivating Snow Queen retelling, a sexy, forbidden romance coming out next month! PreOrder Your Copy: Bound to a deadly curse, nothing could save me...except for the love I never saw coming. I lived under the command of my uncle, King of Thiton. Cold, they called me. Frozen and frigid. Unworthy of love because I possessed snow magic. Banished to the mountains, I left my home, my family. Until hounds with red eyes came for me, bringing cruelty and darkness and a prince of hatred who expected me to worship him. From the moment I met him, I couldn't shake the feeling I knew him, even if I'd never seen him before. But to escape I had to become someone I wasn't--the person everyone already believed I was. I had to become deadly and powerful. Except, my unexpected desires for the prince of darkness could be my destruction--unless I finally discovered who I really was before it was too late.

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jenny said...

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