Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Wind Mage

By Gina Manis

Living in the mountains with just my Papa could be a lonely life, but it is not. I have my two wolves, Klaus and Bjorn, who keep things interesting. They followed me up this mountain when I was just a young woman and have been with me ever since. It has been almost five years now, and things are starting to change. My name is Aria, and I'm a woman now, ready to find love and start a family.

When an old Mage appears to us one night, I learn that Bjorn and Klaus are both men bound by a spell to live as wolves. Somehow, I release Bjorn, and as a man, he is more dominating than ever. His human name is Collin, and he is hard to resist when he takes me into his arms and kisses me with such fire and need, it leaves me shaking.

But there is still Klaus, and no matter how my feelings may be changing for Collin, I know Klaus is my true soul mate. He is the one I yearn for to become a man and hold me close in his arms.

None of that really matters if I can't break the spell on both their heads. I have just 40 days to do so until the next full moon. If I don't break it, they both will return to their wolf state and remain that way forever. The pain of never seeing Klaus or him holding me is unbearable.

But to get to him, I must first grant Bjorn his one true heart's desire… Me.

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