Thursday, August 20, 2020

Author Interview with Niki Trento


Today I am sitting down with Niki Trento and her first book, Summer of the Alpha. I have been hearing so many great things about this author and just had to get her in here. So let us begin.

Gina: Why did you become an author?

Niki: I’ve always dreamed of being the next Stephen King…but then life. I also, honestly, lacked the patience to sit and finish an entire book. But, then I wrote Summer of the Alpha with the sole purpose to say that I finally did it. Crossed that off my bucket list. 

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

New Release of the day, The Elemental Queen

 By Gina Manis

 Celine has all the power of the elements as she carries each of their children inside her. Her sacrifice is coming to completion, but she doesn’t want them to be born in a world raging in war.

Her only hope is to follow Lee and give him a chance to claim his crown. With Lindon, the guardian, by their side, they will take on the fierce Fire King, together.

The battle begins before they can even arrive. Clearwater is under siege, and Celine will leave two of the elements behind to protect it. The war can only end once the Fire realm has a new king and queen.

The end is near, and kings will fall as new ones are made. Will Lee be taking his crown, or will it be Brier, his brother?
The deal Celine struck with the Elemental Fire takes a hard twist that she doesn’t see coming. With her kingdom, her kings, and a child in jeopardy, Celine will have to choose to let someone go.

There are no guarantees they will all come out alive in this fairy tale because another sacrifice will have to be made.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Frozen!!! By Crystal North

 I know it is called frozen but you may get a little heated reading this and need some ice. 

 🥶Pre-order Frozen in Time💘 


Imagine walking up the aisle on your wedding day, with nothing but a sense of dread... Soraya doesn’t have to imagine that scenario, she’s living it. Having caught her fiancé cheating on her minutes before the ceremony, she desperately prays for a way out. But she never expects to get her wish. Thanks to a wacky best friend and a magical gift, Soraya finds herself transported to a different moment in time. There she becomes the unlikely tool to bring four lost and feuding souls back together. But messing with time can be dangerous, with catastrophic results. Can they find a way to break the spells that bind them? Can love set them free? If it does, will they even want to leave? Or will they remain frozen in the moment forever? Only time will tell…

A Short Author Interview

 With Michelle Ventura

A New Author

Michelle may be new but she is already making herself known in the book industry. With a new release in June and July, she is already working on her next release for September. 
Check out her Author Interview and start learning more about the up and coming author. 

Monday, August 03, 2020

A New Age Magical Romance

Within the Crystal
by Kat Blak

Blurb: Little did Alexandrite know that when the little brass shop bell rang, and four insanely seductive men walked into her mother's shop to have their fortunes read, that her and the strangers’ fates would become entangled. The crystal can show the future, but not the path that must be taken to achieve it. With many twists and turns, can Alexandrite make them believe in fate?

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