A Glint of Shadoewynne

By Penelope Kein
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A Glint of Shadoewynne
 Almost every little girl grows up hoping to find their prince, their white knight. Not me. I knew I was nothing special, and I had my feet planted firmly in the real world, or so I thought. That all changed when I went to a friends house to play paintball. An innocent game, right? Yeah, right. That friend happened to be a prince from another dimension, with powers similar to the magical fae that stories are told about. A scout for the Svikari, who are trying to overturn said friends father, saw me through a magical gateway. Now, they are hunting me. Turns out, one of my parents is from that other dimension, and I have powers, too! That quickly, my world was turned upside down, and with the help of my friends, I have to figure out why I didn’t know I had powers and why the Svikari want me.

 The Light of Shadoewynne

Even though I never expected to be saved, I found my white Knights. David, Kait and Travis introduced me to the world of Shadoewynne, supported me through the betrayal of my mother, and became the family I didn't know I was looking for. Now, I have to help them save their way of life, and maybe even their own lives, while trying to figure out this whole bonded thing.

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