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Aug. 26, 2019
 A review works in many different ways. I want to give a little light to the general and primary reviews. Simple to remember and focus on.
1- You can't stack the reviews. All people have different taste, and not everyone should be expected to have perfect reviews. If that was the case, then what do we review books for anyways.
2- Your focus should be on the quality of the review. The description and details the person writes is judged just as much as the start. Stack reviews with all five star with not one or two anywhere in their number are going to look like fake reviews. The one thing you don't want your book to look like is a robot.
3- Do not argue with someone who writes a negative review. It's just bad form. If they left a suggestion, then look into it. Use them even and improve and update the story in the future. Downloading a revised issue, you can work within remarketing. We learn from trial and error.
This week take some time and really read some of the reviews you have gotten. The good one and the bad. Learn your readers likes and dislikes, and if you can see room for imporvement, then go for it.
Someone told me earlier this week that the first impression is the most important. But we are all not going to get that. It doesn't mean we still can't live our dreams of being a writer. We just have more to learn and more work to do.
That's it for this week. Look for more post with general and primary information on reviews.

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