Silver's Redemption

By Patty Wiseman
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Silver Fellowes didn’t see it coming. At fifty-six years old, she is a high paid professional PR executive for a prominent company. Or at least, she was. Unexpectedly, she is fired and replaced by a tall blonde bombshell.
In a blur, she leaves the office with a few of her belongings and heads home. Her pent-house style apartment has served as a refuge for over ten years.
Silver is a strong, independent woman, but now, she becomes a lost, little girl completely alone.
She cries into the night, totally immersed in self-pity.
Until morning.
All emotion leaves her. Now, she must depend on her practical side. She decides to leave and head to her father’s West Texas ranch. A far cry from city life, but she needs a complete change. Cut off from society and it’s pettiness. A new world.
The ranch is nestled in the foothills twenty miles from Diamond Gulch. It is broken down, neglected, and the answer to her prayers. She bought a mule named Joey. They traversed the desert to Diamond Gulch once a month for supplies. She met a few people. Rosalee, owner of the hotel, Smokes, the stableman, and Foley, the sheriff.
Sheriff Foley sees her enter the town with Joey and decides to get Smokes, the stable hand to do his dirty work. He told him to warn Rosalee to keep Silver away from Lily, his girlfriend. He didn’t want the two to meet. He has plans for Silver.
Smokes and Rosalee are a thing. Sort of. He hadn’t worked up the courage to ask her out. Foley told him to use that as an excuse to warn Rosalee. When he walked toward the hotel, he saw Ash Ericcson enter in front of him.
Gulch Inn Hotel stood in the middle of town, and Rosalee, the hotel manager became a trusted friend. Rosalee always tries to find Silver a man. She resists.
While they enjoyed a traditional shot of whiskey, a man bounded through the front door. Ash Ericcson, hand at the local hardware store, handsome, with a shock of rusty-colored hair, blue eyes, and an appealing muscular build.
Rosalee introduced them. Her purpose was to push the two together.
There was something about him. Good-looking, confident. A small spark burned, but she resists again.
What happens to a woman whose value was demeaned and chooses isolation instead of socialization? Silver is a woman fighting age-related demons and who doesn’t trust her own ability.
Ash Ericcson finds Silver attractive. Her silver hair suits her name, green eyes and tanned skin make her a vision to behold. Ash has his share of admirers, even Foley’s girlfriend, Lily, but Silver is different. No one knows he is an undercover Texas Ranger.
When Ash finds out Foley wants Silver’s mine, he springs into action to hatch a plan to catch him. He draws Silver in to get close to her, a grave mistake.
Ash stays with Silver at the ranch. Love blossoms for the first time and in a real way for Silver. She envisions a future with him.
Together, they work to set a trap for Foley, but before they can close the noose, Silver is kidnapped.
Ash comes to her rescue, along with Smokes and Rosalee, but as the plan is executed Ash’s real identity is uncovered.
Rescued, Silver is grateful, but feels betrayed that Ash didn’t confide in her and pushes him away.
Rosalee suggests Silver run for the mayor position.
Silver protests, but Rosalee presses her on the matter.
Silver rediscovers her value, wins the mayor’s race, and becomes a strong force in Diamond Gulch.
This story is about an older woman, who faced with rejection because of age, finds her worth, regains her confidence, finds love, and brings older and younger women together for a common good.
Romance, mystery, and intrigue abound while addressing the difficulties of aging in this modern world. 

That one Moment
 Ricki Sheridan traveled a long way to seek refuge at Wolf Den’s Lodge high in the mountains after a devastating betrayal. Heartbroken, she signed up for a survivalist backpacking trip to live off the land and forget.
An injury on the first day puts her in the capable hands of the handsome trail boss, Kory Littleton. The attraction is instant, mutual, and terrifying. She trusted her emotions once and vowed never to make the same mistake again.
Kory’s heart trampled and bruised, is unprepared to ever love again, until his unexpected reaction to Ricki reveals some things are worth taking a chance on.
When evil finds it's way back into Ricki's world, their fragile bond is tested, forcing them to face their greatest fear: can a wounded heart ever trust anew?
Betrayal. Desire. Revenge. Which one prevails?

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