Through the Sandstorm

By Raina Ash

They have one camel, a few days of supplies, and no GPS...

It’ll be an amazing adventure, her friend told her. Go have fun and hook up with a hot dude, she said. Live a little, was the idea.
So why is Allison stranded in the Sahara desert with Paul, a hot-and-cold computer jerk she isn’t sure she can trust? Men who travel are the worst.
Seriously, how could she let her friend, Summer, convince her to go to Africa? Oh, right. She let her envy of Summer’s exciting, carefree life get in the way. Allison was only looking for some passion and excitement so she could finally get over a shattering breakup. What could go wrong?
A whole lot, apparently.
And okay, Paul has his moments and he is hunky in that guy-who-wears-glasses sorta way. But even if he does stop sending her mixed signals, how are the two of them going to find their way home?
Is it too late to exchange this “adventure” for the Bahamas?

Through the Sandstorm is a standalone full-length romance novel with steamy scenes and a sassy protagonist. Join this stranded pair as they trek across the Sahara, learning to trust love again and each other. Check it out today!

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