Killove Brotherhood Series

By KB Wheelock
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Book 1
 Sworn off relationships, their hearts call each other.

Mortimer and his brothers are looking for a home base for the Killove Brotherhood. Each has their own reason to hate everything to do with romance and love. For Mortimer, he has the ability to read emotions-- to know the moment when love dies, so has sworn off love.

Cory, real estate agent extraordinaire, sees something in Gertrude. She may just be the answer to his prayers. He’s tired of having to drive away the socialites who want to marry their princesses off and he wasn’t ready to pander to those who want a family man working for them.

Gertrude has spent her life looking for love but never finding it. Each person in her past has let her down, the last being her boyfriend who kicked her to the curb when he discovered she was pregnant. Homeless and penniless, she will do anything to provide for her unborn child.

A business transaction turns the tables on the three, forcing them to face their fear of love and belonging.

Will their frozen hearts thaw to discover what could be?

This is a slow build, slow burn Why Choose Romance.

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