Kings of Sterling

By Leeah Taylor
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Blood of Promise Book 1
She’s a witch. He’s a vampire. Falling in love was the easy part.

Just like her mother, Chelsea Greaves has her role to play as Regent to the witches in her home of Sterling, Georgia. She even fell in love with a vampire. Only one problem: the witches forbid it. Getting caught in a torrid affair with him will have her hung and burned. But her heart has a mind of its own.

Lucien Frost has a role to play too. He’s one of the Kings of Sterling and the only line of defense between her witches and his vampires. Sterling is his home and war was never part of the plan. But falling in love with Chelsea has him ready to make an exception if it means being together once and for all.

Can their love prevail or will her fear conquer them both? 

Blood of Night Book 2
 Will ‘I love you’ be enough?

Juliette Marquis needs to make some quick cash. As the powerful witch hybrid with magic in her blood she takes a risk to fetch a few bucks. When the magical barrier protecting her hometown of Sterling comes down, her risk proves to be a mistake. Now she must go home and face the vampire that denied her the one thing she ever wanted from him-- his love.

Damien Frost banished Juliette for betraying him, but now she’s back to fix what she broke. To protect his home and family he must find a way to trust her one more time so they can work together to stop an unexpected enemy. If he can’t, he risks losing everything he ever loved-- including her.

After betrayal and heartbreak, can they put their history aside to protect everything they love?

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