Summer of Love

By Pepper Paris 


Fresh out of high school, and self-conscious about her appearance, Roxy is about to embark on college life away from the security of home. What she will miss most is her four best friends: Carter, Kelly, Wade, and Jay. Not ready to say goodbye to them, she’s tempted by the idea of one night with all of them... together. She never wanted to choose between them, but what if she didn’t have to?

Carter can’t understand why Roxy would ever think of herself as unlovable, when she’s been his dream girl for years. But when their group of friends considers an unorthodox idea, Carter’s heart lurches at the thought of finally being able to prove to Roxy that he’s more than just the boy next door.

Football was Kelly’s life... by his parents insistence. He wants a choice in the direction of his life, yet they are demanding he stay at his current school and not quit the sport he’s been shackled to. All it takes is one night with Roxie to introduce him to a taste of the freedom he’s been longing for. She becomes his drug, his body aching for the next blissful high of her touch. With fate stepping in, Kelly gets a crazy idea to take control of his life. But can he convince Roxie to take the chance with him?

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Gina Manis said...

Summer of Love Carter.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Growing up and growing apart is never easy to do. This coming of age young adult HR romance gives just as much on the struggle of life and how much we depend on those we love. Roxie, the main character, is strong and giving and doesn't ask much for herself. It is her friends who want to help her, and she needs it. The romance of hers and Carter's take on the life of young love and new experiences. Overcoming uncertainty with oneself and finding comfort in each other's arms.
The story itself intrigues and makes me wonder how the next book will go — something a series should always do. I will be reading more from this new author and hope she continues to grow in her writing.

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