The Elemental Chronicles

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 For the last five years, I have been held captive by my sister, the Queen of Watergate. She cursed and bound my waters powers and turning me into a hideous hag.

Locked behind the walls of a convent in the holy lands kept me safe, but they also kept me from living. That is until I give myself in a sacrifice to the Elemental Powers. They send me three strong men in which I have to form a bond.

Tate, my earth element, was a childhood friend that I had fallen in love with. Seeing Tate again, my heart aches to be close to him, and I can’t control these new desires.

Lindon, my wind element, who is charming and seductive. We will discover our powers together as he is just learning his. That is if we can keep our hands off one another long enough.

Brier, my water element, the commander, is a force I feel stronger than the others. He has suffered the same as me, and it has broken his powers. I have to figure out a way to put him together again for what we must do.

They have freed me, but I am not safe until I am out of this realm. Ogres who want my blood because they are drawn to it by the curse are after us. The one I call Brown is the most dangerous of them all. I fear him the most, but I cannot let that stop me.

I want to live again, and I have made my sacrifice to do so. My promise to the Elementals has to be fulfilled, or else I will never get my water element back. The bond between each of us will strengthen the powers of the elements and give them new life.

Or else the Fire Elements will win. Their element has become too powerful, and they are claiming the earth in which we live. I intend to claim it again.

However, first, I have to find my balance with these three men and make it out of this realm…alive.

Get ready for a fantasy romance with paranormal magic and creatures based on the mythology of the four elements, earth, wind, fire, and water. Besides the powers of the elements, there is mage magic, witches and curses, ogres and shifters, and a whole lot more to this Fantasy Realm.

A daring action-adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat as Celine runs for her life. Packed fight scenes are full of suspense that will have you captivated with their elemental powers and magic.

Heart-felt characters who all have challenges to face and to overcome. It helps keep a contemporary feel to this reverse harem romance that is built around a fantasy world.

This paranormal romance is a slow burn but has very erotic sense. The mythology of the elements and their powers will contribute to the sexual content as bonds are formed among the characters.

Fall in love with these two.

Meet Celine Water Element
For the last five years, I have been held captive by my sister, the queen’s curse. She bound my waters powers and turned me into a monster to be feared.
Locked behind the walls of a convent, the holy lands kept me safe, but they also kept me from living. That is until I give myself in sacrifice to the Elementals, and they send me three strong powers.
Tate, my earth element, was a childhood friend that I had fallen in love with so long ago. His powers amazed me and seeing him again, I was instantly overwhelmed and wanted to be close to him.
Lindon, my wind element, who was charming and seductive but didn’t know of his powers just yet. We would discover them together as I unlocked his and he unlocks mine.
Brier, my water element, the commander, and a force I felt stronger than all of us. But he was broken and somehow, I had to figure out a way to save him just as he came to save me.
They have freed me, but I am not safe until I am out of this realm and from the ogres who want my blood. The curse made from them, they crave it, and the most dangerous one of all is Brown.
He is unlike any of the others and has spent years tormenting the nuns and me trying to get me to come out. I fear him the most, but I cannot let that stop me.
I want to live again, and I have my sacrifice to fulfill with the elementals. Together we will fight back the powerful fire elements which are destroying our world and give new life to our own.
But first, we have to find our balance with one another and make it out of this realm…alive.

Meet Tate Earth Element
I lost her once, and it nearly killed me. I left the castle and my family because being there was just too hard. Everything reminded me of my Celine. 
I took to the forest, becoming a Huntsmen for our people but being alone didn't help with the pain of losing her. 
As my Elemental Powers developed, I made them stronger by working with them. Growing a tree where one died or giving another life again. Taking the forms of the animals and running with them. It was my only peace for the longest time. 
That is until the queen sends for me. Finding out that Celine is alive, my heart races to find her. 
Seeing her again, I can't help taking her in my arms. I can't contain myself as she touches her lips to mine. The ground shakes, and the world comes alive for me once more. 
I will lead her back to her sister, the queen, but only to break the curse she has placed on my beloved. Once that is done, I will make her mine forever.
 Meet Lindon the Wind element.
I have been going through the motions of life but not really living. Not after losing my wife and child during childbirth. Liza was the love of my life, and no one has made me feel anything since.
That is until my eyes fall on Celine. Things are starting to happen to me now that I can't explain. Somehow, I know she is the reason I am waking up again.
I want to explorer these new powers with her. I want to wrap my wind around her and let it touch every part of her body. To enable it to take us both into its grace and free us both from what has been holding us back.
Will Tate allow that to happen? He has staked his claim, but I am willing to share. If it means living again. 

And Brier Reef the Ex-Water Element
She is beautiful, kind, gentle, and needs my protection. Celine is everything I have always wanted, but now that is all too late. I am not fit for her and must stay away.
I can't be what she wants me to be. I am a broken element with powers that can only destroy. I refuse to use them, but all she wants to do is pull them out. I vow never to let that happen as she pushes me to open up.
She is hard to resist and puts me on edge most of the time. She looks at me with a plea and a promise of comforts from a woman I have long forgotten.
I will not give in to these needs of mine. Opening my powers would cause more harm than good and may even kill her in the process.
Keep her at a distance. That is what I intend to do.

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Gina Manis said...

This is my book but I really feel like it is a great book. I tried to keep the action flowing and giving it breaks in between for the characters to really connect with each other.
My focus in the first book was the love story, past, and present between Celine and Tate. I wanted their connection to come alive before your eyes and it almost consuming for them. Also, it was very important to me that they go through this together and for the first time.
Building a relationship with the other two men in this book was just as important. Not wanting to have everything go Celine's way, I put a few twist and roadblocks for her to work through.
With a little mystery of Brown the main ogre in the story that they are trying to figure out, the answers will come in the end. It's not what you might expect.
I have read my book maybe twenty times in the last few months finishing it up and even still reading it again, it gives me goosebumps.
The second book is due around Christmas time and I think you're going to be just as pleased with it. I promise not to leave it on such a cliffhanger next time. But where part one ends, part two starts anew. New people, a new adventure, new trials, and new love.

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