When Lightening Strikes

 By Michelle Ventura

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When Lightening Strikes


You can run, but can you hide from the past?

After failing to save a life, Jenna Thompson is convinced her gift of sight is more a curse than a blessing. Desperate for new beginnings, she moves to Lake Tahoe, but things are not as idyllic as she hopes, as she is thrust into the middle of a murder investigation, a kidnapping, and the arms of Jake Brocade, a bitter, bad-ass Desolation Wilderness guide.

Can Jenna break down Jake's defenses and resolve his faith in time to rescue a missing woman, or will Jenna become the killer's next victim?


Truth or Dare


Would you take the dare if it meant finding your truth? Riley Snow grew up believing she wasn't "good enough". After divorcing her cheating husband, she flees to Lake Tahoe to chase her childhood dream. On a dare, she approaches Shane Blackstone, a smoking hot, straight out of a romance novel, Adonis. But Shane's interest in her comes with ulterior motives: he believes she can lead him to his parents' killer. Sparks fly in this twisting, turning story of healing old wounds and daring to fight for the truth.



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