Worth the Wait Series

By Tamara Whitlow

Love. Devastation. Anger. Sadness. Hope. Love.

Everything that we do, leads back to love. But what happens when you lose the one who is closest to you? How do you continue on after such a loss?

Meet Emily who is a single mother of Sam. Not only did Emily lose her husband, but Sam has lost a father. The struggles of putting one foot in front of the other are getting harder by the day but all of that changes when a fiery redhead named Jamie comes into the picture. Coming in like a whirlwind, she brings back the hope that Emily has once lost. Not only does she bring in a friendship, but she brings in a family dynamic that Emily has barely had. Jamie's brother Caleb has been dealing with his own personal demons and loss and is not prepared for the beautiful woman that has befriended his sister.

With dealing with so much loss, can both Emily and Caleb open their hearts up again to the prospect of love?

When you have good looks and money, what more could you want? Jacob has never had to want for someone to warm his bed and he was not looking to settle down anytime soon.  The women in his life are a revolving door and he makes sure that they know not to look for anything more than sex. One drunken night, he has a one night stand and she stiffs him before the morning comes.  Jacob doesn't know how to handle being left as he is the one who always leaves!  Now he is on a mission to find this woman who has left no clues but note that was signed with the letter "N".  Is he prepared for the drama and surprises that come with the search of Finding "N"?*****Natalie is a woman whose life is constantly in turmoil.  Not wanting to accept the help from her parents and move back home, she continues to struggle to prove that she could make it on her own.  When she loses yet another job and goes out to drink her sorrows with her best friend Lulu, she meets a cute guy and does what she has never done before and has a one night stand.  Hoping that she would never have to see this guy again, she is in for a rude awakening when things don't go her way.*****Both Natalie and Jacob are not prepared for the drama that comes with them coming back together and surprises are at every turn.*****This is book two of the Worth The Wait series and could be read as a standalone.  I would recommend reading book one to "meet" the family mentioned.

Keep going...
Don’t stay in one spot too long...
Limit your interactions with people...
Don’t give your real number to anyone...

What happens when you’re tired of running?

Jamie has always been known to be the upbeat, funny, quirky yet fun-loving one. But what people don’t realize is, she’s been running for most of her adult life. Her brothers vowed to keep her safe and in doing so, kept her on the run. That is until she made an amazing friend in Emily and decided to stop running. With her friendship, brought a self-awareness and a positive outlook. If Emily can come out of a dark place and still be willing to live, why can’t she face her demons head-on?
Now she is moving back to the one place that her brothers have desperately tried to keep her away from, Chicago.
Will her past come back to haunt her or will she finally have a place to call home for good?


Gina Manis said...

⭐️⭐️⭐️When tragic strikes and destroys your comfortable little world and the loss is so great, it hard to find your way out of the depression. But when children are involved we have to try. Emily was struggling but making a new friend gave her what she needed to start to build her life again.
I see this book more as a life challenge than a romance. Caleb does bring in feelings that Emily thought she lost and it does have romantic properties to the story. His story is just as hard as hers to overcome. Together they find their happy ending.
The book had much backstory which I usually like but I did feel that it slowed down this one. At least in the beginning.

Ralph K Jones said...

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